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comment What type of tracking technology is practical for young children?
@JavidJamae While it can be a real problem and it's understandable that you are worried about it the other posters are correct in pointing out that there is an opportunity cost involved here. The time you spent worrying and researching solutions is not available for things that are objectively more dangerous to children (missing vaccinations, swimming pools, stairs, car accidents, specific health problems). Without endless money/time you need to focus. However, if you are irrationally worried (we all on some things) it is worth to spend the time so you feel safe (good for you and the kids).
comment What type of tracking technology is practical for young children?
I think this answer suffers from too much confidence in the competence of the bad guys (I feel the same about people stating that criminals are able to get guns regardless of their legality). A sizable portion of (unorganized) criminals are badly educated and not too smart. Giving them more chances to trip up is hardly a bad thing. In many countries the child getting lost is orders of magnitude more likely than it being kidnapped.
comment How to comfort our infant with fever?
@JeremyMiller I don't know how it's in other places, but here fever seen as a common standard side effect and does not count as anything being wrong. My own kids always had quite high fever (39 to 40) in the evening after the vaccinations. Drawbacks of going include discomfort to the child (temperature changes, getting dressed, etc.) & potential exposure to kids who have an actual infection. I definitely wouldn't worry about 101.5 = 38.6 Celsius. That's barely fever and does not need to be brought down. Note, that this is all my personal experience and no medical recommendation.
comment My baby fell from the bed. Is there any problem?
I tend to agree with "go to doctor" almost always, but depending on where you life and how circumstances are there is also a risk in going to the doctor, e.g. other sick child in the waiting room. If your child is not vaccinated yet someone bringing in measles or another thing like that is a realy concern.
comment Is Television appropriate for meal times?
Also -1. I agree with the answe, but also agree that there is no explanation. And I don't understand how can you say "further explanation or reasoning" and "encompasses pretty much all the explanation needed" given that you give no explanation or reasoning AT ALL, just a result.
comment Which breeds of dog are safe to have around a toddler?
Would be -1 from me. Even if the breeds are equal regarding aggressive behaviour (which I am uncertain about) some kinds of dogs just can do much more damage with a single bite than others. But much more worse is "should not bother dog while sleeping". We are talking about toddlers here and they do stupid things sometimes even when educated about it. A household with a toddler shouldn't include anything within the toddler's reach that can seriously injure or kill him when the toddler handles it incorrectly. This includes aggressive cleaning material, loose book shelves and yes, large dogs.
comment 2.5 year old always picks at scabs
The salve is a good idea, thanks. I am not quite convinced yet that he just doesn't find it interesting to pull at it, since he does so even with small scratches which he should barely notice and in a status where they should not hurt anymore (an itch is possible, though)