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comment Having older kids wear an apron at meal
Agreed. If a child that age is being careless and getting food on their clothes, then it's time for them to start helping with the laundry. That is the route I would go before trying to force them to wear an apron.
comment Is poor (20/40) eyesight common in 10 year olds?
Not that reducing TV isn't good for other reasons, but it does not cause vision problems.
comment Mom too worried with germs and disease
@BobJarvis, I call it the Quarter Rule. First kid swallows a quarter, you rush them to the emergency room, by the fourth kid you're like "that's coming out of your allowance, kid"
comment Impact on kids NOT having TV?
I have three kids, ages 13,11, and 8. We got rid of our TVs when they were 4,3, and newborn. There have been no instances of this causing them problems at school that I know of. On the other had, they are all avid readers and do exceptionally well in school.
comment Is it reasonable for parents with small children to use the disabled toilet?
@dan, yes. There is a difference between "handicap accessible" and "handicap reserved". Bathrooms are accessible. Parking spots are reserved. There is nothing wrong with using something that is handicap accessible if it is not already in use.
comment How can we ask our 22-year-old son to leave?
I think this is a terrible answer. Buy him off? No. It is time to kick him out.
comment How can I encourage 5 year old to kick the ball?
I think this a mountain out of a molehill situation. Unless there is some reason that she really needs to kick a ball, I'd just let it go.
comment How old really is my child?
I know this wasn't specifically asked, but I would also be careful as she gets older with age cutoffs for school. If she just barely makes the cutoff I would seriously consider waiting and starting a year later
comment My son is 8 and is still soiling his pants and doesn't care
Does he do this at school, or just at home? Unless there is a physical reason, a doctor won't be much help. A counselor would be a better bet
comment How do you handle poor sportsmanship from other parents during your child's sports events?
What age range and level of play are we talking about? Five year old rec? Twelve year old competitive?
comment 7 Yr Old Using Violent Language During Play
You're concerned that when pretending to be someone who's primary job is to murder people, he says he's going to murder you?
comment How do I stop yawning so much when I'm reading bedtime stories to my kids?
Whether you feel tired or not, if you have kids you are probably operating on some sort of sleep debt. Beyond that, the accepted answer is a great one.
comment Is a Do-It-Yourself baby monitor a bad idea?
Do you have a cordless land-line phone system in your house? If so, it probably has an intercom/room monitor feature on it and you have a zero cost audio system already. Video monitor is, IMHO, completely unnecessary.
comment Pre-teen always sneaking junk food
Why do you have them in the house?
comment Should we teach rules of multiple board games at once
This is a pretty good answer, but I'm not sure I agree with the statement that "When a five-year-old starts to cheat or simply ignore rules, she's bored or frustrated. That's a good sign it's time to switch games...)" While that may be the case, five-year-olds are fairly notorious for pushing boundaries as well as being self-centered to the point that they think they should be able to change the rules as they see fit. It may be time to change games, but it may be time for a quick discussion on sportsmanship.
comment Should adults pay rent if they live in their parents' home?
The way my parents did it, after you graduated high school, you got your summer free. After that, you had to either be working full time, going to school full time, or doing both part time. If you chose the second or third option, you did not have to pay rent. If you chose the first, you either had to pay rent or be putting the same amount of money into savings.
comment How do you get a primary schooler to continue doing chores when their friends don't have to?
Excellent points. Along the lines of your last bullet point, I include things like "Rey doesn't get to do X like you do either, so are you willing to give up X in order not to have to do chores"
comment How does a parent that does not know a basic life skill make sure their child obtains that skill?
I disagree with closing this question. I think it is relevant and, while needing to be improved, is a good question. The need to teach a child a basic life skill that you don't possess yourself is something that many parents have questions about. Maybe it could be generalized to something like that
comment Should I forbid my 10 month old boy to touch/play with anything that is harmful/dirty?
Don't tolerate disobedience? This is a ten month old. Not a four year old. If there's something they don't want him to play with, it shouldn't be within reach
comment Our 4 year old won't fall asleep until 11pm
@ThomasPaine, I'm glad I had finished my coffee when I had read that same thing. If the kid isn't waking up till 9:30, no wonder she's not tired by 8:30 at night. That would be like my kid's being tired at 5:30 in the evening.