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I'm a PhD student in biomathematics, working on stochastic individual-based models of evolution in spatially structured populations. My other interests include cryptography, programming games and puzzles, photography and graphic design.

I'm the main author and maintainer of the Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP), a user script for browsers with GreaseMonkey-compatible user script support (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, possibly Safari) that fixes or works around a number of outstanding issues with the Stack Exchange user interface.

I tend to answer a lot more questions than I ask. Some answers I'm rather proud of:

CC-Zero Please consider any (original) code I post to Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites to be released under CC-Zero unless stated otherwise. You may do whatever you want with it and don't have to credit me in any way, although of course that would be nice.

comment When disciplining that used to work no longer works for a middle childhood boy and q preschooler girl
It would be better if you could at least summarize the books / sites you refer to a little. You don't have to provide an objective or an exhaustive summary, but certainly you must have some reasons why you consider those resources worth recommending. It would be extremely useful if you could briefly describe why that is, and what you expect (in general terms) the OP to get out of them.
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comment My son wants to bring a present to a birthday party where “no presents” was specified on the invitation
@ReadyToLearn: We don't know why these specific parents might request no gifts, but there are plenty of possible reasons mentioned in both this answer and in others. Depending on the reason, the parents might or might not be happy to receive a gift for their child before or after the party, or on some other day of the year, but this is not something you can know unless you ask them.
comment What is considered to be a safe age to be a babysitter?
... Basically, it seems to come down to the fact that the choice between calling 112/911 and immediate CPR is somewhat situational: if the person is unconscious because their airways are blocked (which is, apparently, the most common cause in children), immediate CPR may clear the blockage and revive them; if the root cause is heart failure (more common in adults), however, it's unlikely that CPR alone will revive the victim, and so its purpose is only to keep them alive until professional help arrives -- which, obviously, will only happen if someone has called for it.
comment What is considered to be a safe age to be a babysitter?
@Joe: On a bit of a tangent, the issue of whether to start CPR before calling 112/911 if you're alone appears to be somewhat controversial, and different emergency services may have different guidelines about it. For example, here in Finland, the official recommendation seems to be to always call first, while in the U.S., the standard recommendation seems to be to start with CPR for two minutes if the victim is a child or has choked, drowned or otherwise suffocated.
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