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comment Some games and playful ideas for a father to do with his 4 year old daughter?
+1 My 6 yr old daughter changed a wall dimmer on her own. (I talked her through every step, but touched 'nothing'). I told her that 95% of adults found this too scary and would pay $100 to an electrician. She put her hand out, and said "I'll take $50, family discount."
comment Is it normal for a toddler belly to last into the pre-school years?
Can you give an example of correct usage? Are there cases where one is having an issue that's otherwise hidden and BMI reveals a cause for concern?
comment Adult social media etiquette
@JeremyMiller - I understand that. There are many aspects of social network sites. My question was strictly about the appropriateness of a teen's friend's parent 'friending' on FB. Say this woman started showing up at my daughter's dance recitals. If the daughter (i.e. my daughter's friend) were with her, I'd think nothing of it. If she came solo, uninvited, it would strike me as creepy. Public performance, I know. Question is not about safety, per se, but one adult's on line actions.
comment Adult social media etiquette
Understood. I have no issue with a parent doing so. It's the parent offering to friend my daughter I find inappropriate.
comment Adult social media etiquette
Much appreciated. The irony is that I am on Facebook under my pen name, and my daughter has respected my privacy and alter-ego. I'd rather not have to set up another account. I was trying to understand the appropriateness of the mother's behavior. My own daughter understands the risks of the internet and is safe on line, and the topic is one often discussed over dinner.