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comment Are “pull-ups” worthwhile?
i'm sure your son could identify the difference (just like red blocks and blue blocks). the question is did he understands the difference. and I guess if so, then what do you think he understood the difference to be?
comment How to encourage a child to self-edit and take criticism positively?
"at what age is it reasonable to expect children to start to take critical comments constructively"? for some of us, never. the question is whether you mean it constructively, and its never too early for that
comment Are “pull-ups” worthwhile?
actually it did answer the question: there's kids who use diapers/pullups and kids who use the toilet. moving from one style (diapers) to another (pullups) is not potty training
comment How should I help my 9years old son to get back on TAG program
> "Who benefits from the kid in TAG more? The kid or yourself?" downvoted for questioning the OP's motives
comment 5yr Old Has Trouble With Letters & Reading
"reading books with your child" is not "reading." its "narrating." All of my children could write before they could read, and were all reading by K