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comment How to teach my children to stay calm when they have an allergic reaction?
This will depend very much on the age of the child. What age group are interested in?
comment Brothers sharing a bedroom
Another curiosity question: What happens if you break the law? I'm pretty sure most people will try to arrange for good living conditions, but in some cases they may not be able to depending on location and means. Is it illegal to be homeless ?
comment Moving to US with a 5 year old child
Quite frankly we hadn't much luck with our relocation consultant. In order to make a good transition between old and new culture you need to know both which the consultants typically don't. They may be ok for a US to US relo but international is a different thing and the typical cookie cutter answers are not very helpful. Much better if you can find someone from the same home country a few years a ago. Could be a colleague, friend, from a cultural organization, ex-pat club etc.
comment What is a good age to start teaching a child Ancient Latin and Greek?
I'm the opposite as well: I did a full six years of Latin and it's been an utter waste of time, and in hindsight another living language would have been much, much more helpful. I currently speak two languages fluently and two more "so so". I can fully attest that having a solid foundation in latin did NOT help learning this languages any faster,
comment Child with diarrhea: what to do when you think the doctors aren't doing enough?
@anongoodnurse. Perhaps, but this doesn't seem to have worked here. In my experience ER typically think short term focusing on the immediate symptom or problem. A primary care physician can often dig deeper into the living situation, family matter, psychological factors etc. He/She can also consolidate all tests, results, hypotheses etc in a single spot and can provide the benefit of a long term relationship who knows the kid well
comment Child with diarrhea: what to do when you think the doctors aren't doing enough?
Do you have a regular pediatrician? ER is not a good place for dealing with this.
comment Risks and benefits of natural birth
It's difficult to find objective information on this. Here are two peer reviewed studies from the US and Canada . I'm sure if you look long enough you find a peer reviewed study that says the opposite :-)
comment How to get my son to sleep earlier
That seems like an almost perfect sleep schedule for a 22 month old. What specifically is the problem?
comment Is it preferable to have “sex talks” vs “all the time education”?
"The talk" may stereotypical but reality doesn't work like this at all. The kids are exposed to sex related info from many different sources (peers, school, school bus, media, internet etc.) that are beyond parents control and that must be properly managed by the parent continuously. The approach of condensing to a single "talk" is just really dumb.
comment How do we prepare for a long car journey with a 2 month old?
"A 2 month old usually needs constant care and stimuli": That's a somewhat questionable statement and certainly doesn't jive with my personal experience. In fact I would consider it potentially detrimental to provide a 2 month old with constant stimulus.
comment My daughter hates all pants other than her sweats?
How old? That's quite different for a 3 year old then a 13 year old!!
comment My wife is pregnant again, does she need to stop breastfeeding our son?
In our case it just self regulated. My wife continued breastfeeding #1 about half way through the pregnancy with #2. Then it just stopped on it's own and all parties were happy. Mother and baby have a fair bit of self protection and evolutionary wisdom build in.
comment How to deal with the infant who has got an eyelash in the eye?
Good point. Obviously you start things easy and escalate slowly as necessary. Fortunately this one was a big water fan so even heavy splashing was tolerable. He went on to become the captain of the swim team and missed the state championship in the 100 yard butterfly by 1/100 of a second, so I think it's safe to assume that no large permanent psychological damage was done :-)
comment Can contact with cat feces be harmful for pregnant women?
Great follow up question, thanks.
comment Effect of homeschool on college chances?
I think that depends on the college. You should try to get answers from admissions councilors
comment What direction should baby gate swing when installed at top of stairs?
This is purely anecdotal but true nevertheless. A good friend of mine used to be a brain surgeon at Boston Children's hospital. He got very upset whenever he saw a gate at the top of the stairs. The number one accident causing severe brain injury that he saw were kids climbing over the gate at the top of the stairs. This was much more of a problem than kids simply falling down the stairs.
comment What home-safety aspects should new parents consider?
Good list but some items could use some extra research: Friend of mine is brain surgeon at Boston Children's hospital. No #1 issue he deals with are kids climbing over the gate at the top of the stairs. Some safety measures have unintended side effects and risks.
comment How soon until I can take my newborn to take a walk outside?
Same here. We took the kids out at a few days old and it worked all fine. A full term newborn is not that fragile and oxygen, sunlight, and reasonable exposure to the real world are good things.
comment Is raising a child bilingually with English worth the effort?
Good point on the NYT. There is a lot more of it though, see or the reference sectiion of In either case it's "use it or lose it", but it does stick better than expected. My oldest just went to an American college and really didn't speak German for 4 years but he is still quite good at it and has no accent whatsoever.