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comment My 9 year old son regards life as meaningless
@corsiKa Also, psychologists aren't only for the psychologically "sick". I the same way that it makes sense for healthy people to pay attention to nutrition as well as for diabetics. A psychologist can help give a unique and new perspective to someone, which can be useful for anybody at any point in life. (You might want to do some research though beforehand, as not all psychologists are automatically good in this category.)
comment 20 yo daughter left home to live with a “bad” girl - what should I do?
I'm a son who went through a similar situation with a girl my parents wouldn't accept. 10 years later I'm with a different girl with a completely new life, but my parents have discarded me for good. They will likely never want to know how I have changed, or will continue to change. I wish you to walk a different path with your daughter, even if it takes years to get there.