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comment I think my 11 month old is afraid of his dad
@LightnessRacesinOrbit: It's normal advice for anyone experiencing domestic abuse. If the abuse gets out of hand, and you go to the police, the response is "well, it's just this one time, we'll let it go". If you have no records of prior events, they do nothing, until you contact them a great many times.
comment At what age we should tell our toddler to not kiss everyone who asks her to?
@Raphael: The first is implied, not not by much. As a native, I'm not certain which is the correct one.
comment How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys? mentions two studies, different species. The second shows that newborns tend to track the "gender-appropriate" toys with their eyes more. This mentions several studies, several on humans: I can find zero studies or pages suggesting conflicting results, but I'm at work and don't really have time to do a proper job of this.
comment How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys?
I almost upvoted, but the second sentence is partially wrong. boys toys and girls toys are not entirely social constructs, they are partially biological constructs… (and many other websites, though I'm having difficulty determining which are the same studies). I make no claims that there is such a thing as a "boys toy" or that girls playing with "boy toys" is bad, merely that there is a biological correlation.
comment How to teach a child to swallow pills?
I had a hard time learning, and in high school I eventually started practicing with corn. Super soft and squishy, makes for an easier start.