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Software developer working for an IT services supplier in the UK, writing bespoke software for everything and anything our clients need

I write mostly in C# with Silverlight, WPF and a little Winforms (but not if I can avoid it!); plenty of SQL, SSRS etc; I dabble in all sorts

I love the .NET framework and all the great stuff that's in it to make it possible to do stuff in 1 line of code (e.g. Linq!)

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comment What does it mean to “say a few words”?
All babies/toddlers are different - it's understandable to be concerned, but if your child is making talking 'noises' and then they are on their way. My son is almost two and he speaks in sentences - (he makes his own grammar up sometimes, like 'Make it, the milk daddy, please'!), but we also have a daughter who at that age wasn't really saying much at all. I wouldn't worry too much until it becomes clear that your child isn't communicating properly - which doesn't sound like it's the case