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This is just a generic profile. If you're really interested in my thoughts, try my website: http://www.allen-poole.com. There you will find my blog and my thoughts on business as a web developer. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

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Analysis of prototype based inheritance.
Optimization of someone's JS.

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comment How to prevent “open air incidents”?
This was an issue with our firstborn for a little while, and my third (who is 3 months) will sometimes do this in the bath, but it generally goes away relatively quickly.
comment As an atheist, how should I explain theism to my children?
@DA01 Unfortunately, all religious assertions (for and against) assume facts not in evidence. "Critical thinking" is something that everyone asserts, even those crazies who hand out leaflets, or go on mission trips, or try to get the Pope arrested, or... whatever. No one believes himself to be inherently self-contradictory (fundamental tenet of most religion -- man is great at self-justification) and any statement which asserts that this matter is "clear" or that "critical thinking" will resolve it was said by someone not thinking clearly or critically.
comment If you warm whole milk, can it be saved in a refrigerator?
Either that or send it to clown school...
comment At what age is it appropriate to bring my children to an (Italian) opera?
Musicals and operas are horses of wildly different colors and should not be confused.