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comment Risks and benefits of natural birth
I'd have to say, without wanting to join a "discussion" about home vs clinical popularity in the Netherlands [Citation needed]... "A study presented...", "I have lectures..." aren't relevant without links to back up said claims. After all, 93% of statistics are made up on the spot...
comment Should a 5 year old excuse themselves after farting?
The issue in this problem is "Silent but deadly" issues. Not "unacceptable noises". Closely related, but I don't think "Miss Manners" rules apply here per-se. I didn't see anything in a quick search where she talks about "Silent but deadly" situations.
comment How can 7-year old defend himself when toddler is hitting?
+1 "show your son that you will protect him"... No guarantee your friend will remain your friend - but your son will always be your son. Protect your son from an uncontrolled child. Do your best for your friendship, and the 2 year old, but family is #1. I wouldn't want to lose a friend over something like this, but I wouldn't stand for my kid to be railroaded either.
comment Should you let a toddler win?
I'd hesitate to say that I'm a happy adult because of the rough childhood I went through... I wouldn't appreciate what I have without all the "losing" I went through. This answer strikes me as spot on: Teach your kid how to win AND lose gracefully.
comment How much time with friends (away from family) is reasonable?
I love this viewpoint and it's not something I would ever have considered (being a dumm man and what not). It's uncalled for and unfair that she'd be taking the resentment out like that ("Daddy would rather be elsewhere"), but the reality is something has to be at the root of it. If this isn't the root if it, and it sounds damn plausible to me, then something else has to be.
comment Is it okay for both parents to be asleep at the same time?
+1 "newborns have only one desire - to grow older" Love it.
comment How can you deal with tantrums without spanking?
Sage advise... works for the Dog Whisperer... works for toddlers.
comment Should you give honey to a newborn?
Tooth Decay, for baby teeth, is kind of a non-issue... keep those temporary teeth in good working order. Yeah...