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Full time J2EE & Jave EE developer / Part time PhD candidate
I am really keen on computational linguistics.

comment How do we get our toddler to gain weight?
+1 Always consider weight in relation to height. This low weight issue certainly is a greater concern for a little one with a higher percentile height.
comment Does using sign language really accelerate a child's ability to speak?
+1 Yes signing can be very useful for those who struggle with speech and have developmental disorders. And this is not something you can tell at birth, it is something you have to wait and see. So, why not teach signs?
comment Nearly 2 and doesn't comprehend speech
I would say on this that Apraxia does interfere with expressive language but does not necessarily interfere with understanding. Quite often, those with Apraxia have a level of understanding far surpassing their expressive capability. I just note this because the OP said the level of understanding is low.
comment New born seems to be spitting up entire meals. Should I be worried?
Acid reflux does occur in babies, and if too much of a problem, can be treated with medicine prescribed by your pediatrician. Don't self-treat though if this is the case.
comment How do I get play-doh out of the carpet?
I am glad your child loves Play-Doh. Mine asks daddy to open the Play-Doh so that he can take Play-Doh and place it on the carpet while he happily goes on playing with the empty container. +1 since I have the same need.
comment What could be the reason of food accumulatation (pooling) between front lower teeth and lips in mouth of the toddler?
Sounds like if it is so, it would be the oral phase. I forgot to mention he also drools excessively all the time. We have to have a bib on him most of the time because he is always getting himself wet. Thanks for the link!
comment Can you guide a toddler to learn specific words?
As a computational linguistics researcher, I to have to say this position is likely incorrect. As far as anecdotal evidence, my son made the D sound at 6 months and cannot make the m sound even at 15 months.