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comment How to teach children the difference between pets and vermin?
I thought the "wild" and "pet" difference was important. It does need to be taught that domesticated animals are a part of our society, so there are social rules with how you deal with them, just like with people. You can teach the child to "otherize" the world of animals, but teaching that not to torture wild animals obviously inconsistent because the grandma just demonstrated that behavior. At young ages, this is just a matter of hiding or glossing over the fact that adults are, in fact, hypocrites.
comment Sex play in young children
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun Oh, it was actually the same math. I was 3, then 4, and the older children were ages ranging about 5 to 7. It's an unique age for this to happen, because there's ambiguity about whether the child will remember. I don't think many of us can remember when we were 3, but a high emotional impact event is much more likely to be remembered by the child.