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comment Weight and Height for a 2 year old girl
@Lanie - You still have not mentioned her height. There are many growth charts (this this all over the internet, but you need age, weight and height. Pick one appropriate for your nationality.
comment How do I tell if my child is advanced at maths?
Intelligence is a continuum. Whether your child reaches an arbitrary 130 IQ on an arbitrary test does not really change they way you raise or educate them. You help them where they fall short and extend them where they excel.
comment How should I deal with a third-grader who gets distracted from his work by reading?
Congratulations. Many parents struggle to get their kids to read at all. Whatever you do, make sure he doesn't lose his love of reading. Every hour a kid reads is like an hour of homework. The problem is not reading, the problem is that he is not doing what he's asked.
comment What can be done to extend the fertility of a woman?
Fertility generally plummets well before menopause and the risk of genetic abnormality rises dramatically. The question is overly simplistic.
comment Thumbs splitting from changing nappies & repeated hand washing
@KarlBielefeldt - Thumb and adjacent 2 fingers, but the thumb was by far the worst.
comment Thumbs splitting from changing nappies & repeated hand washing
@CreationEdge - A valid concern. I asked my dermo about this since steroid creams can thin the skin. His comment was that the skin on your fingers is very thick and the condition of my thumb/fingers so bad that it did not matter too much.
comment 4 year old daughter starved for Dad's attention
-1: reads like: suck it up and turn off the xbox. I had a similar daughter who was unwilling to play by herself and always wanted to be entertained, it is a real issue that held her back creatively and, later, socially.
comment Younger sister blackmailing parents
+1 for recording the threats. You want as much evidence to control the fallout as calls to the police can get out of hand. At the every least, Child services may be called in and at the worst, things can get very bad (slate: Why I Don’t Call the Police).
comment My son wants to learn to ride a motorbike. How can I discourage him?
How old is he? I got my motorcycle licence when I was about 22, which is way different to 17. I started on an old 250, which is way different to a ZZR1400.
comment Is cryopreservation of sperm worth it for non-emergency “personal backup” purpose?
Perhaps the first question should be: is it best to have children posthumously. There are some upsides. There are also a number of downsides, for example: a child with no father, pressure on the GF to impregnate herself when you're dead and raise your children without your help, tying your GF to a relationship that passed when you did, etc.
comment How to inculcate concentration for 5 yr old kid?
I believe this is the start of an answer. My son's class (just turned 6) will start school with a run around the school before settling in for any work that requires concentration. In the teacher's experience (and ours) the exercise settles the kids down a lot.
comment Choosing a surname for child of unmarried couple
Valid point about the laws varying between countries. In Turkey, the child must have the father's surname.
comment What are good strategies to deal with a child getting distracted during meals?
Some problems are ephemeral - you are just trying to get them through a stage in life until their priorities or tastes mature. Somewhat like your question on getting kids to eat raw garlic - perhaps they are just not quite old enough yet.
comment Regularity of teen reproductive cycle?
Get her to log her periods (start/end dates) so you have scientific information then see a doctor.
comment I've taken all of my 13 year old daughter's possessions, and she's still disrespectful
@user75702 - You ask "What is my next step?" and then state that you have spanked your daughter recently. I would say that I am allowed to offer my opinion about spanking. Going by the comments you've left and the original question, you have a very definite view of parenting and discipline. I'm just not sure what you expected to hear.
comment Sun Bathing to get Vitamin D for infants
Keep in mind that there are significant differences between individuals. I'm a pasty red head, my wife is mediterranean. My vitamin D levels are fine whereas hers a very low and she has to take supplements. Our son (who's a lot darker than me) is also lacking in vitamin D. Blood tests are simple and (in Australia) free - so it might be worth getting a baseline test done if you are concerned (liver function, sugar levels, vitamin D, iron, etc...)
comment Visual stimulation videos for infants - good or bad?
research = hypothesis + test. Opinion = Opinion. A peer-reviewed test done by a reputable and independent organisation trumps opinion. In this case, the research showed these videos impair cognitive development.
comment Should I stop my infant from sucking his thumb?
I would not encourage thumb sucking as it can cause dental issues; plus it can be very hard to break the habit. We transitioned our baby to a dummy so that we could break the habit when she was older (18 months) - this worked well for us.
comment Why do some parents have a favorite (or least favorite) child? How can this be avoided?
+1 for recognising that children are people. As such, you may well just like one more than the other. I have heard several friends sayings "I love my child but I don't always like them."
comment Car seats at the front
Ignoring the safety issues, you should check local laws. In Australia, it is not legal to have a child seat in the front seat unless you have no rear seats (eg: ute or van).