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comment Where should boys aim their urine?
When we are younger, shorter, closer to the toilet, it is fairly easy to get everything into the toilet. As we get taller, not so easy. There are also times where the stream does not stay together, bifurcates or just shoots off in different directions. Sitting down is easier than wiping down the seat. After doing this for a while my dad visited and I started to notice there was a waterfall down the front of the toilet and puddle in front after he uses it. My brother has a sit down only rule in his house and the bathroom is easier to clean.
comment My baby fell from the bed. Is there any problem?
My son fell out of a shopping cart onto his head when he was about a year and a half old. I took him to the DRs and this is pretty much what the DR told me. Babies are more resilient than what we might think.
comment Is it normal that a 2½ year old omits any “s” in the start of words?
I had a problem with my ears growing up and mispronounced words sometimes. I could speak normal enough to where my parents didn't think anything of it for a while. They took me to have hearing tests and I passed them. I remember watching the tester and if they looked left and their left arm moved I knew to raise my left hand, same with the right side. Finally after a while they took me to a specialist and he had me face away from the tester, I failed almost instantly. They put tubes in my ears and now I have better hearing than most. You might want to get him checked.
comment Do babies *have* to be weaned from breast milk or infant formula on purpose?
My mom said that once the baby starts biting that is when she stops breastfeeding.
comment When should I allow a child to swear?
It isn't about repressing swearing. It isn't one of those base animal instincts to swear. Getting upset? yeah, but you don't need to swear to survive. Swearing to express your emotions shows little creativity. If you feel it is OK to swear, and you let your kids swear that in itself isn't any worse than screaming "THIS SUCKS!" but you will find that the parents of the "good" kids will not let them play with their kids and their influence will come more from the "bad" kids. It is hard to be "good" with "bad" friends, but possible, I did it.
comment When should I allow a child to swear?
I grew up in a pretty small community and because I swore and hung out with the skaters (I rode BMX) people assumed I was one of the druggies. A burglary happened near my house and I was a prime suspect, it wasn't until another cop took over who knew me that the focus shifted to the person that actually did it. There were chances where I should have been promoted to management but wasn't, and I didn't care at the time but it is effecting me income now since I am still an "Employee". I didn't start thinking about it until I was about 28 and decided I was going to stop (unless I am driving ;-)
comment How do you teach morals and values in non-religious households?
Basically my answer. You have your morals for reasons other than your religion now. You were raised that way but now you keep those morals for other reasons. Make sure your kids know WHY you continue to keep those morals. Pros and cons of keeping them or going against them (Why you think they should wait for sex: might get pregnant, diseases, complicates relationships, other than just the religious reasons you grew up with)
comment What are the differences between a child who was born vaginally versus via caesarean section?
I am wondering if the stats for babies born c-section being less resilient and not as smart take into account the problems during the birth that required a c-section might have caused the problems, not the c-section itself.
comment What to do when the pinky is the only way to soothe a newborn?
Just tonight I mentioned to my cousin that I only ever heard "Binky" (Binkie) used in Utah, so I had to see where you were from... UTAH!! hahah!! ANYWAY: Neither of my kids liked pacifiers or fingers, but they did do really well with me patting their chest for a few minutes.
comment Should my wife pump after feeding to “top her off?”
FYI: My wife pumped and breast fed our 2 kids but dried up after a few weeks both times. My mom breast fed all 4 of us until we were blue in the face and still had more than we needed and didn't use pumps. Women are different, and if she ends up not producing enough even if you pump, just know that sometimes you just can't force it. Just a heads up, I don't want you guys to think you did something wrong.
comment How can one tell if an infant is developmentally advanced?
My son didnt start walking until he was almost 12 months, didn't start talking until a couple months after "normal" children were talking. He is now 12 and I am constantly told how much more advanced he is in sports than other kids from current and former NFL players, he is doing BMX tricks that I couldn't do until I was 18 (I rode in the X-Games), he wins national awards for academics. I wasn't worried that he started slow and you shouldn't jump the gun placing children in private "gifted" schools, but definitely encourage his desire to learn!