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With a Computer Engineering degree under my belt, I'm looking to change the world.

I have teamed up with a friend of mine with the intention of developing a web-app together, and generally share our interest in programming.

I am looking forward to developing with him, and if a job does ever land in my lap contributing to that too.

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comment Do parents of teens need a locked liquor cabinet?
@tomjedrz, it isn't any worse than parents lying about santaclause. If anything it is a good way to introduce your children to the morals of lying from a more adult viewpoint.
comment Do parents of teens need a locked liquor cabinet?
I'd take a social engineering approach, and just have it appear locked. Tell the daughter that it "isn't really locked, because we trust you; its because we don't know the other kids well enough". With a good relationship in place, not breaking that trust will likely be more of a reward than giving into peer pressure. Letting the kid in on being able to use the excuse makes that trust feeling even stronger and ads a hint of it being an inside joke that you're letting her in on. Fight fire with fire.
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