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Computational biologists at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), previously at Carnegie Mellon University and at the Institute for Molecular Medicine (University of Lisbon).

comment What are some strategies for raising a bilingual child?
@ThomasLötzer "Raising a Bilingual Child" [amazon.com/gp/product/1400023343/… seems based on serious research and points to several studies that support my statement. In general, I thought this was the best book on this subject that I read (and we read about 4 ou 5 of them).
comment Should we circumcise our son?
The "less chance of feeling different argument" should be in both columns: as the rate approaches 50%, a circumcised kid is as different from his mates as an uncircumcised one.
comment What are some strategies for raising a bilingual child?
The point about being a native speaker is not supported by research. In fact, research contradicts it. I think you are simply observing cases where the parent does not put in enough effort.
comment Is it normal for a husband to sleep significantly more while his wife is pregnant?
Thanks. It does mention "disturbed sleep patterns".
comment What are the objective arguments against immunizations for infants and children?
@nuc @Javid You are abusing the word 'objective.' The scientific consensus is very clear that modern childhood vaccines are safe. The burden of proof is on the other side. Ask for specific effects and you will get a discussion of those. Sometimes, just debating an issue too much gives the scaremongers credibility (like when the inteligent design crowd asks that, even if you don't agree, you should teach the controversy; they are clamoring for this recognition).