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Geezer and Carbon based biped, with a fondness for hard cheese, Amigas, synthesised noises and competing in sprint triathlons.

Unix geek at heart, Mac user since 10.4 so still a little green on some things (Dog cow? Teh snappy?), but familiar to some extent with almost every current computing platform know to man, and some that aren't.


"May the skin of your bottom never cover a banjo"

comment What are the merits of teaching a child to type correctly at the expense of time practiced with handwriting?
I am suggesting that hunt and peck remains fine for your children riding their way around a keyboard, who don't have an immediate requirement to bash out a 2000 word essay. I would also take issue with 60wpm being the standard for "proper typing". I can push out 75wpm when I need to, but my average is around 40, because I find that unless I am simply copy typing, the natural pauses needed to put together what you want to say don;t always result in a neat 60wpm constant stream of output.
comment How to raise a child between agnostic parent and believer relatives?
However you are trying to raise your kids, someone always oversteps the mark. If this happened to me I would disagree (politely) and if I was not present at the time I would certainly take them to task later. As for the child, stick to the rest of my answer, I would tell them that I think that he is completely wrong, and try to think of another example when they had also been wrong about something else to show that people can be wrong. Something this extreme I would probably mention that no-one has ever been to or seen Hell, and as far as anyone knows it's just a made up place like Narnia
comment What would be a effective way to explain pornography?
@JBRWilkinson I don't think popularity comes into it, plenty of things seem endlessly popular that I consider unsavoury and inappropriate for children. The point I am trying to make is that I would rather my child, upon finding some porn on the internet, thought it was weird and odd, than exciting and something to "grow into". Obviously as they become teens and then adults their views will change, but I don't have a problem positioning it in such as way as to make then not want to watch it if they see it for as long as I possibly can.
comment What would be a effective way to explain pornography?
Purely accidental, was still writing it as yours went up first, didn't see it first :)