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comment How can I help my child who is advanced in programming to meet others at the same skill level?
+1 for computer club or course.
comment 21 month has learned how to climb out of crib
This is normal at that age. He needs a big boy bed.
comment Should we get her a doll?
If she's trying to make herself a doll, getting her a real one would be an amazing gift which she would love. I don't avoid buying my son lego because I want him to make his own lego out of sticks and rocks. Buying him the lego opens up new opportunities for creative play.
comment On what surface should a baby crawl
@l0r3nz4cc10 - I wouldn't sweat it too much. Babies are designed to take the odd knock without being damaged, or apparently noticing. Also, do you want to raise a brave and confident child? My advice would be to provide sensible boundaries, so they can feel confident you are caring for them, and not worry too much about the small stuff.
comment On what surface should a baby crawl
Are you first time parents by any chance? :)
comment Is it OK for my children to eat solely carbs and fruit, which is what they want
You know, bits, small lumps. For example, my son won't drink orange juice with "Juicy bits" in it. I have to buy the smooth variety. Until I worked this out I just thought he was fussy about orange juice.
comment My 6 month old will not sleep all night.
Agreed, 10PM is way too late. Try 6:30 - 7:30
comment How long should a 3 year old be sent to his room?
+1 for until your ready. The purpose of the discipline is to give them cool off time, and to teach the kid a life lesson. Make sure they've understood why they've been sent to their room. Remember they have their own internal dialog and will be thinking all sort of dark thoughts. You have to clear all of that up before it gets internalised. Make sure they can tell you why they were sent off. If they won't talk, give them another few minutes to cool off.
comment At what age can a child be left alone in a parked car?
I'd leave a sleeping baby in the car in the drive with the window cracked. Sleep is golden.
comment Online resources of quality cartoons for toddler
+1 for CBeebies.