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comment How can I get my 4 year old to clean up toys without a battle?
This sounds like a good idea, but we have found that it doesn't really make very much sense in the play style of our children. Some imaginative children like to pretend that random toys are the walls of a zoo or the refrigerator in a make-believe house or biscuits for their stuffed dog or whatever else they happen to think of. Our girls somehow manage to utilize all of their toys in one "activity". So, this one-toy-at-a-time rule can get kind of hard to enforce sometimes it and requires an unacceptable level of micro-management of their imaginative play time. (Just an observation.)
comment Do milk teeth indicate what permanent teeth will be like?
I had three top incisors as a child, and they were replaced with two top adult incisors, so my personal experience answers the question "no".