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Chief Technology Officer and the senior software developer for Digital Fruition, LLC. I specialize in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware and more.

I am an avid Stack Exchange user and a Moderator Pro Tempore on Cognitive Sciences Stack Exchange. I try to stay in our chat room almost all the time, even if I'm not at my computer. To get my attention, just post a message in chat with @Josh in it, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

I can also be reached from my website or via email at stackexchange -at- josh -dot- gitlin -dot- name. If you have an any issues please don't hesitate to contact me.

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comment What would be a effective way to explain pornography?
I wish I could downvote this. Keeping children ignorant of the world will not protect them from anything! That's why you get into it! "Before they ask" doesn't apply, I doubt most children will ask their parents about porn. It also seems a very passive approach. Talk to them when you feel they're ready to understand, this is how you can teach them. Better you explain it to them now than they find it on their own and come up with their own explanations.
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