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comment What's a good age for a “penny skateboard”?
I should mention that they're both very proficient on kick skates and push bikes, and reasonably proficient on a (real) bicycle. @Erica, more of a surprise than a request. Torben, though I've insisted on helmets in their learning processes, so far I've left the wrists, knees and elbows to their own fate.
comment Custodial arrangements in co-parenting: frequency of transfers from one parent to the other
I don't understand the "2-2-5-5". A common approach is what's called "2-2-3", which runs over two weeks. It sounds to me like this is what you intended. (And I agree with @user9589 that using the school as the way to exchange has many advantages)
comment In the USA in the year 2014, does the law forbid children from being out and about without close adult supervision?
@anongoodnurse, I admit I might be an outlier, but after having two kids (they are now 3 & 5), I have discovered that giving them the freedom to roam by themselves (safely! within reasonable limits! with other people around with kids!) has become even more important to me than I had imagined.
comment What should I look for in a new car (automobile)?
I like to organize my life around not having a car. A good bicycle (a bakfiets fits the bill) gets the family just about anywhere in the city, with the addition of public transit and taxis if necessary. Rentals and car shares, if we must. Biggest bonus is getting out to walk. It's one of the most enjoyable things to do with your kids, and we don't do it enough, these days. Inherent in this answer are questions about your children's health, and the health of the people around you. Not having a car is not a liability, it is a freedom.