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comment At what age does a toddler stop being a toddler?
I'd just like to clarify something. @JeffAtwood seems to be taking the question from the first paragraph and believes that that is the question, whereas I'm reading that that as a starting point that led to the question "Can a toddler be simultaneously categorized as a baby?" (i.e. Jeff is reading this as when someone moves from C to D in this chart I just made whereas I'm reading it as whether B exists or not). Benjol, would you mind clarifying this?
comment At what age does a toddler stop being a toddler?
@JeffAtwood I understand why you think this question might be more appropriate here at Parenting, but as an EL&U mod, I have spoken to a Parenting mod, and both of us agreed that's it's better at EL&U as far as the communities are concerned. Furthermore, your analogy doesn't quite fit—I remember that Programmers rejected a migration we tried to do about terminology.