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I work as a computer tester by day. By night I like to write. I like cats and dogs.

comment At what age is it appropriate to start to teach a foreign language / second language - and how to do it?
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun, yes, I do have a biligual household. My wife will sometimes use English when talking to the kids (and I will wind up talking Dutch when my MIL or other people are around), but generally we each try sticking to our primary languages around the kids.
comment Should we circumcise our son?
I'm not going to try and convince those who think it's wrong to circumsice their son, because no matter what I'd say, you'd still refuse to do it. Fine. But let's be clear about something. Yes, the baby goes through a lot of pain, but it's relatively brief. And for those who try and say that it 'permanently scars' your baby, I don't see any evidence that it actually does. Spanking your kid is something you can do on a regular basis to intimidate your kid. Giving your son a circumcision is a one time thing.