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comment How to deal with a 4 year old child who doesn't like parting with his friends?
As a parent, I would not appreciate being asked if we could "all leave in 5 minutes". It's a difficult situation that's been described, but getting everybody to leave is just trying to avoid the issue. Also it won't work if you're at somebody else's house!!!
comment What are the merits of teaching a child to type correctly at the expense of time practiced with handwriting?
How old is she? I think if she's still "practicing handwriting" rather than "using handwriting" then it's too early. Once handwriting is primarily a tool for getting her work done that's a good time to introduce touch-typing.
comment Can I help settle my child and make them enjoy nappy changing
Is there a particular part of it he doesn't like? I'm wondering if he'd like some no-nappy time in between?
comment How do you prevent a toddler from waking too early?
Yep, they're good, but will rise slowly and simulate a sunrise. More for adults. I mean something like this: gro-clock
comment How to respond when your kid is being ridiculed by another kid when the other kid's parent(s) are present?
:-) Good point! I'll edit it. If you ever do it please use a Mario voice and let us know how it goes. It'd probably help as the tone I had in mind was not at all cross, but more "factual".
comment How to remove brown stains from colored underwear?
Using biological washing powder is good when removing "biological remnants" (e.g. poo)!
comment Is complimenting children where they can hear it good or bad?
Good answer and interesting link. Is it wrong that I want to reward your answer with a vote up? ;-)
comment How can I negotiate with a toddler successfully?
I would suggest you maybe counted to aggressively? The trick here is to have a tone that implies you are giving them time to comply, rather than your fuse is running out. Further to that when you get to 3 you have to calmly carry out the punishment rather than be angry.
comment How do I get an easily distracted 5 year old to eat more?
Appreciate the thought @Beofett. In the UK 5 year olds are not pre-schoolers. He is in Year 1 of the schooling system, which comes after Reception year. Before that is pre-school (i.e. 3-4 years old).
comment How do I get an easily distracted 5 year old to eat more?
The reward afterwards simply encourages him to stop eating sooner, rather than finish eating quicker, unfortunately! Tried that one. Thanks for the snack tip. V helpful.
comment How do I get an easily distracted 5 year old to eat more?
Love the idea of "talking him out" :-) So when the time-box times-out do you just remove his meal? And after that he's allowed to snack if he wants?