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I started a shinkwrap software company ("Micro ISV") in 1995. It's been my full-time job for over 13 years now.

comment are there any peer reviewed studies showing the benefits of video games for kids (especially girls)?
@deworde :ahhh.. found it. And, yes, a friend suggested MineCraft as well. Will look into it. (May daughter would prefer InteriorDecoratingCraft <g>)
comment How can I stop repeating myself?
Careful with the praise. As mentioned, make it specific and also make it an intrinsic consequence not "thank you for meeting my needs by being a good little boy". I have seen kids immediately misbehave after that sort of "reward". It can seem manipulative to them. Instead illuminate how their good behavior has natural consequences "great, you've got your shoes on, we can go now, no waiting."
comment What would be a good kit for cardboard construction projects for a pre-teen?
Thanks! I could NOT remember the name.