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comment Teens concerned about impregnation through clothes
This isn't a parenting question. Not really a question at all as it merely trying to elicit a discussion. That doesn't fit in the goal of stackexchange.
comment Explaining to young children that a parent needs some “me time”
This really needs some clarification. Going away for a weekend or something is just a logistical issue (planning and arranging who will watch them) while getting your kids to let you have an hour to take a bath or watch a movie is an issue of setting boundaries. Are there underlying abandonment issues that would cause them not to understand that you need to do thing on your own? Are your kids able to spend time alone doing thing or are they accustomed to being tended to 24/7?
comment How to mitigate the impact of other people comparing my children to each other?
You could always go which "Guess What?" "Chicken Butt!!"
comment How do I decide if a particular program online is a good and safe place for kids and whether or not to pay for membership to programs that require it?
I don't think you have to pay for a membership. It just provides you some in game currency.
comment How should parents handle disagreement over medicine?
We have a mantra in my house, "for me". You add it to any utterance that you believe to be a factual statement. "Pizza is the best food... for me". "Chrome is a superior web browser... for me".
comment Techniques for teaching children from the start about how to read advertising?
Something else I would wonder about (and you comment reinforces it) is why you feel so strongly against ads. How do you feel that you were manipulated as a child and how has that effected you as an adult? Personally, I don't mind ads, yes they are loud and sometimes irritating, but other times they are amusing and entertaining. I am just curious about your (and others) strong objection and aversion to advertisements.
comment How can a much older brother gain recognition for being a de-facto father?
The question for me is what do you mean by "gain recognition"? Are you looking for thanks and appreciation from your Mother for the work you do to help raise your siblings. Or do you want to be recognized as an authority figure?