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comment How should I handle academic disagreement with a teacher?
^ The problem with this is that it's sometimes controversial as to what is controversial. e.g. In some parts of America, evolution would be considered a controversial topic, whereas in Europe you would be considered crazy for not believing in it. IMO it is more important that children learn that they shouldn't take everything that they learn at face value, and I see no reason why this shouldn't start from a young age.
comment How do I help a child who is afraid of the dark?
Are they still afraid of the dark when you are there? (hugging them or whatever)
comment Is it really that bad to get water in an infant's ear?
From two years of age... I am assuming that similar practises were used before then.
comment What is the impact on kids of having two working parents?
I think perhaps one of the most important factors is the relationship that you have with your children when you do see them (in the evenings, etc) An hour or two of good quality socialising is worth more than all day being ambivalent towards each other.
comment Reasoning vs “because I say so”
I completely agree with this: Always offer a reason when you can. If you cannot because there is no time, or because it might hurt them in some way to learn the reason (this might apply to sexual things below say 9 - 13). This way, they will trust that you have a good reason, even when you cannot tell it to them. If you often use "because I said so", when you do not have a good reason, or it appears that you do not, then that is when it will just be ignored.
comment How accurate are the “Suggested Age Ranges” of toys?
8+ probably is fairly accurate in general, although even here it is not completely accurate. Me and my sister first played monopoly when I was 7 and she was 8. We then played it solidly for 3 years. Consequently, my younger brother first started playing when he was 4 (and enjoyed it, even if he did not grasp all of the rules), and could play properly by age 6.
comment How can my 7yo daugher increase her attention span in school?
@DA01: I have to disagree. From experience most teachers are woefully inadequate at engaging children, especially those of outlying intelligence (at both ends). I'm not saying that they are necessarily bad teachers, it's just a hard job. But attention span comes on it's own if the teacher is enthusiastic and entertaining enough.
comment When is the best time in a child's development to move to a different area?
I can't stress how important the school/social situation is. Moving to a new area where everyone already knows each other is so much worse than moving to a new area where everyone is still making friends.