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I love software development, and technology of all kinds. I have a boy and a girl and a beautiful wife, all of whom I adore. I practice Southern Chinese Kung Fu, and hope that my kids will too. I write code and play boardgames in my spare time.

I currently work as a JEE engineer in Edina, MN.

comment How can I safely keep a pacifier in an infant's mouth?
Keep in mind that if a pacifier is constantly falling out, the baby could be pushing it out because it wants your attention.
comment What should I teach my teenager about condoms?
There's more to effective condom use: womenshealth.about.com/cs/condoms/a/gtmstprotcondom.htm
comment Is there any harm to letting an infant's hair grow long?
I wasn't sure exactly what you meant about cutting the hair 'against our wish', so I left it mostly intact. Do you mean that you plan to cut her hair against her parents' wishes?
comment When are kids old enough for an electric toothbrush?
Not that I'm aware of.