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I'm a software engineer with a passion for programming. My professional background includes mobile device and embedded programming (Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Motorola 68k processors), as well a variety of other desktop platforms (Java, MFC C++, Netbeans, etc), with a little experience with web-programming environments thrown in for good measure (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Spring, MySql, etc).

One of my hobby projects is developing PopTrayU (http://poptrayu.sourceforge.net), an open source email notifier written in Delphi. I had been using the original PopTray for about 10 years, and decided to learn enough Delphi to fix a couple pet bugs, since no one else seemed to have the knowledge, time, and inclination to do it themselves, and there hadn't been a new version released in over 7 years. Once I'd fixed that one bug, there was one more little thing I thought I could improve, and wouldn't it be fun if I could make this aspect of the application a little more customizable? And then there's that other bug...well, someday I'll get them all fixed, maybe :)

comment Our infant was sleeping through the night, but at 5 months old started waking up in the middle of the night; is this from starting to dream?
There could be other causes for such wakings such as teething pain to consider as well.
comment How to get toddler to eat eggs?
It isn't possible that he has an allergy or sensitivity to eggs, could he? If he did, it probably wouldn't matter how you prepared them, the "how they feel" in his mouth would still be itchy or causing soreness or something. But odds may be more likely that he just doesn't like the texture
comment What do you do when a relative heaps presents on her children at Christmas and Your kid's pile always looks paltry in comparison?
Yes, obviously, which ones work depend on the distance traveled, whose house you're at, etc. It would be difficult to ask her not to bring all the gifts to her own home. But maybe in consideration that everyone other than her is traveling with their gifts, and it's less practical to bring ginormous or plentiful gifts in the car, perhaps she could consider having her kids open a few of their gifts early so they can "share them with the cousins" before present opening and/or to shrink their piles a little bit. If you had something too big you'd probably open it at home too.
comment My wife is pregnant again, does she need to stop breastfeeding our son?
Soymilk is a somewhat poor subsitute for breastmilk for a variety of reasons, and isn't any better than other liquids/solids. But a lengthy discussion of that would be better served in it's own question.
comment Ok to mix breast milk with water?
It sounds like perhaps, there might be other ways to avoid this situation entirely, like before freezing the milk, you chould divide it into smaller quantities (say, one ounce per milk storage bag), such that you minimize waste of pumped milk, and can defrost an additional bag of milk should the baby still be hungry, and stockpile for a later incident if the baby turns out to be less hungry.
comment Why must a toddler car seat be fully reclined when installed rear-facing?
In the US "convertible" carseats that face forward or backward are the most common kind for children who have outgrown infant/bucket carseats, but may not be old enough or heavy enough to safely place in a forward-facing carseat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear-facing until 2 years old or more. Most infant carseats do not fit a 2 year old ;-)
comment What to read or learn before expecting?
@Torben See, that's the thing, on the one hand, its easy to follow the directions, but even still I've heard statistics that as much as 90% of carseats are installed incorrectly. It seems there might be a lot of little details that carseat techs know that aren't in the directions, per se, like training about what happens in severe crashes and what makes the difference between an ok install and a really good install that will reduce injuries in a bad crash that I hope you never experience. It could be overkill, but I'd rather be told my install is perfect than be left wondering after a crash...
comment 16 months old and no signs of communication. Should we be concerned?
In many areas it is called early early intervention.
comment What are the square cotton wipes that NICUs/nurseries use called?
I would ask one of the nurses what they are called if you want to be certain.
comment Are employers required to accomodate pumping mothers?
Unfortunately, from what I found online, it appears Michigan is not one of the states that provides additional protections for pumping in the workplace beyond what is in the federal law.
comment Are employers required to accomodate pumping mothers?
Here is an article summarizing a bit about the law and its exceptions: counsel.cua.edu/nacuanotes/nacuanotenursingmotherbreaks.cfm
comment Are employers required to accomodate pumping mothers?
what state are you in? Breastfeeding laws vary from state to state.