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comment Should we get her a doll?
I think her point is also when given equal opportunity (the "toy closet" has both "boy" and "girl" toys), it is not uncommon for the girls to want to play with a doll without prompting.
comment How can I get a toddler I care for during the day to take a nap?
How do his parents put him to sleep? I ask because if he is not used to just "crying it out" with them, it may be a struggle for you to try implementing it. Basically try matching what the parents do, if they hold him until he sleeps try that, or if they pat him in his crib try that instead.
comment What to do if my new-born child urinated into own ear?
Your link is to an article that is a few years old. Recent research is challenging that long held belief, a quick internet search mostly pulls up stores on news sites or WebMD. Since you posted a "real" study I will link to a "real" one too, though you the paper is not available to the public. "Urine Is Not Sterile: Use of Enhanced Urine Culture Techniques To Detect Resident Bacterial Flora in the Adult Female Bladder", Journal of Clinical Macro Biology (
comment What to do if my new-born child urinated into own ear?
FYI, urine is not sterile (…) but that does not negate the rest of the info you provided.
comment Is it normal for an infant's weight to fluctuate?
Yes, measuring "output" is one way to make sure they are eating enough (in the hospital/NICU they do this with every diaper change). Another option to figure out how much the baby is taking in a feeding is to weigh the baby before eating and after (subtract after weight from before wait to give you the amount of milk the baby took). Weighing diapers is easier than weighing babies so it is used more often.
comment Do I really need to wake my newborn to feed him?
It sounds like this doctor was worried that jaundice might develop (when the body has too much bilirubin that it cannot get rid of). For jaundiced babies the simplest/first solution is to increase feedings (so they poop more, the bilirubin leaves the body with the poop). It is pretty easy to test a baby’s bili level to see if this is a concern or if it needs treatment.
comment Are outlet covers needed with tamper resistant electrical receptacles?
We have a number of off-white receptacles with white face plates (and white trim in the whole house). After this and the previous responses, I will likely be replacing these with white TR receptacles so they look better and are more "baby-resistant".
comment Is it usual to meet with a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor for a first prenatal visit?
Just a nitpick, RN stands for "Registered Nurse".
comment At what age should I enroll my child in dental and vision plans?
I would add that if you may be able to find an eye doctor who bills under medical (insurance). I don't think optometrists will do this but many doctors are have an MD in ophthalmology will. This way you can even get the exam and just pay a medical doctor visit copay (though they may do eye tests that are not covered under medical insurance but might have been if it was vision).