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comment Would switching to a Waldorf kindergarten be worth the potential stress to our active pre-schooler?
It's hard to disagree with your answer in general. We asked him actually and he said he doesn't want to go to switch, but like you suggested at this age some decisions have to be made for him. Also you are right I haven't researched Waldorf thoroughly and don't have friends with experience. Hence my question here. I understand it's could be very subjective but I would love to hear from people what they loved and hated the most about Waldorf.
comment When can I cover my baby with a blanket in her crib?
@Brian - have a look here for more answers about baby sleeping bags
comment When can I cover my baby with a blanket in her crib?
@BrianH - my son is 14 months now and he can run and jump. usually in the morning when he wakes up he just walks or stands with his sleeping bag on in this cot. When we was younger it didn't stop him to crawl as well :).
comment How do I get my 6-month-old to sleep better at night?
@talon - It looks Andra annoyed that someone doesn't give him a magic wand to solve problems, but instead suggests he actually needs to do something about it (in this case establish routine). JBRwilkinson advice worked for us and I believe with at least some effort would work for way more than 60%