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comment Are there studies that have published the studied effects of PVC plastics on infants and children?
To add a little "meat" to this question. Admittedly this is probably best answered as a "discussion" and it is one that I imagine will change over time (with additional studies). One of the reasons I have asked is that I do not have "the study" that points out the toxicity and the questioning of how safe it is had to come from somewhere. I wanted a more trustworthy answer than a possibly scrubbed Google result. And I definitely cannot fully trust the "company line".
comment Are there any trustworthy, less profit-driven baby product review sites?
I waited a while before selecting this as the best answer. But after searching a while, I believe that there really aren't many suitable options for what I'm looking for. Some of the mommy blogs and such are great, but not really substantial enough.