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comment Is crib use (mostly) universal?
@Dan, now that we've gone there, we basically just got a small bed with some sideguards from Ikea, and it's next to our bed for the time being. It sits much lower than the one we sleep on, so falls would be no worse than the daily tripping and falling that toddlers do. It's been working pretty well, and is a little less scary and a lot more comfortable for me than having him between us.
comment Is crib use (mostly) universal?
@Dan: Excellent question, and we've been discussing that, but nothing final yet. In Japan most parents actually sleep with the kids in the room for a fairly long time (one or two years common, three years not unheard of). We're now kind of leaning toward a low bed or futon to the side of ours now that he's getting close to 1, with future adjustments made when they make sense.