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Hello, world!

I'm a father of one pre-schooler and one toddler. My stake in this site is to learn from you, and also to contribute as much as I can!

Based on my own childhood and parenthood, my specialties are (among others): twins, languages, and international aspects. For the record, I'm an identical twin and married to a fraternal twin. I speak 4 languages fluently and I've lived in 5 countries (Europe, Japan).

I enjoy using my experience to help others. That is why I am active at even more SE sites in the StackExchange network on topics that interest me.

valuable flair!

Outside of this site, I'm something of a Swiss army knife both professionally and in private, able to juggle a wild variety of things at once. I've worked in every kind of business that uses software. I'm also very good with tools, both IT and mechanic. Whether you need software design or assembling some IKEA furniture, I'm your man for the job. I'm generally soft-spoken but driven by clear principles.

To learn more about me, see my Google+ profile.

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