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Hello there, curious passer-by! I'm Tim, and I work here. Mostly, I help drive new improvements to Stack Overflow itself, and I also head up the effort to bring Stack Overflow into other languages. Or, basically, I got bored earning rep, got myself hired, and now spend most of my time on Meta.

Beyond that, I'm:

  • A husband and dad
  • A competent programmer
  • A world traveler
  • Not a teapot

If you need to reach me, it's tpost shift-2 stackoverflow, but please use this form for common support needs. Note, I do not use services such as Linkedin, please don't try to add me there, it just creates noise.

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comment How do you raise an intelligent and happy daughter in a sexist world?
They're toys - they have no sex until you (or the child) decides that they should have one. And when it's the child that decides, it's time to shut up, listen, and play with your kids while you take a peek at what they're thinking. Good answer.
comment How should you deal with (deliberate) selective deafness?
You just replayed my childhood.
comment At what age should a child's self-involvement begin to decrease?
@balancedmama The irony of you beginning that sentence with I did not escape me, well played.
comment My two year old has a lisp. Should i try to correct her now?
My daughter said 'left' as 'lept' (and similar) until she was just over three, our pediatrician didn't consider the possibility of a speech problem until the child is at least five, and said it's something almost every single parent of a toddler asks.
comment My 20 month old son bites other children in the kindergarden. How can I stop this?
Is he pretending to be something when he does it, and doing it in the course of play and fantasizing, or is this more of an aggressive action on his part?
comment How to get schizophrenia and bipolar kids to take medication?
Can this conceivably be delivered in stealth, perhaps through food or drink?
comment How can we prevent crying when a parent leaves for work?
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun Deliberately leaving the house at a time when the child won't notice.
comment Reasoning vs “because I say so”
I've gotta try that!
comment How accurate are the “Suggested Age Ranges” of toys?
This is correct. The only time I've seen any kind of real precision in the 'suggested age' label is on board games. Monopoly, for instance was suggested at 8+, clearly overkill for any concern about small parts, but rather accurate when describing an age where a kid would probably understand the game.
comment How do I explain regional differences in language?
+1 to this. We live in The Philippines, the stuff on the shelves might have come from any given country. AGH!
comment How much pressure should I put on my kids to learn?
HA! Rewarding a kid at every sign of them being naturally inquisitive would seem prudent, then. Thanks for the links :) We've been doing that, while coming under a bit of fire from the 'elders.'
comment What are some strategies for raising a bilingual child?
I have basically the same scenario. All of us speak English, but Daddy also speaks Spanish while Mommy also speaks Tagalog. Our daughter has no problem switching between the three languages.
comment Programming with a baby
@JBRWilkinson If pair programming is mandatory, one should hire telecommuters that hear at least one additional voice in their head.