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comment How do you feed a picky eater?
This encourages all sorts of terrible dietary habits though. My parents did this for years, I'd just not eat until we had a meal I liked. And then I would overeat in preparation for an unknown time until the next meal. Since I never could count on a breakfast or dinner I would like, I'd eat as much as I could at school - and if dinner was edible, I'd just go ahead and eat as much of that as I could. I'd even hide food I liked for later. It took years before my parents gave up, I'm still just as picky of an eater but it's a preference, not a problem. Why subject a child to all this?
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comment Classmates choosing soccer tournament over my sons birthday party
I'm a bit confused about the class dynamic here. Maybe the country involved would help? Where I grew up, this wouldn't be considered a class event. It's not during school hours and it excludes all of the girls.
comment Teaching logic and problem solving to children?
@Beofett - I don't mean to seem like I'm attacking you or one specific riddle. My point was that many are meant to be entertaining or clever and are not concerned with being 'correct' in any exhaustive or absolute sense. I found many retellings of the 'two barbers riddle' and none of them provided enough details to support the answer. ( - that's not to say there aren't riddles/puzzles that are more concrete. I just find that a good percentage are more arbitrary than anything else.
comment Teaching logic and problem solving to children?
A lot of brain teasers don't encourage people to think critically (IMHO). Look at the two barbers example. It doesn't say there aren't more than two barbers - a town with 10 barbers also has 2 barbers. It doesn't say anything about travel in or out of the town. It precludes the idea that people can cut their own hair (they can!). It doesn't mention if the town had hair dressers or stylists or if the barber's hair was 'natural' or synthetic. But, given just those few lines of text, we're concluding that the barber with bad hair MUST have done something.
comment Should I expect a boy to ask me for permission for prom?
What country are you in? It could impact the answers. In the US - at this point - I think you'd be lucky if someone asks before they can marry your daughter....but I'd be shocked if it happened for a junior prom.
comment How can I get my toddler to eat as well for us as he does at daycare?
My parents spent endless hours, over more than a decade, trying to get me to try and enjoy new foods. It never worked. But if your child is eating healthy/balanced foods, is there an inherent benefit in introducing new foods? As an adult, I still only eat a handful of different dishes, but my diet is balanced and reasonably healthy. If anything, I think it's made it easier for me to stay fit as I've gotten older. Not an answer, since it doesn't address your question; just an opinion.
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