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comment Techniques for teaching children from the start about how to read advertising?
For the most part I want him to learn how to understand advertising so he won't easily be manipulated by it (like I was as a child).
comment Where/how can I find out about public breastfeeding facilities?
My wife tried this app out and it was basically useless for Seattle. Instead of a database of places to breastfeed it was a database of places to buy Medela stuff which I guess might also be good places to breastfeed, but there were none in downtown Seattle. An app with user generated content would probably be best for this, I hope someone writes one.
comment Why do babies like to be bounced?
Wow, crazy, for at least the two weeks after my son was born I found myself rocking back and forth even when I wasn't holding him. Funny that this has happened to others too.
comment How can we improve a trilingual toddler's basic language development?
Yeah, I thought that it was interesting too, but the authors of the book are both researchers in the areas of bilingualism and language teaching methods and they claim that there have been many studies done to try to demonstrate the common sense argument but none of those studies have been successful. Though, it's certainly possible that the authors are discounting the success of those studies, ignoring others, or no one yet has constructed a good enough study.
comment How can we improve a trilingual toddler's basic language development?
According to The Bilingual Edge all scientific evidence says that multilingual children do not have a slower language development than others. According to the research differences in timing are only do to the standard differences between children.