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comment What are the risks of posting baby pictures online?
Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't think this answers the question. If you don't like pictures of yourself or your kids posted online, that's fine, but what is the actual risk of doing so? I don't buy the teasing thing; kids have been teasing each other since long before the internet was invented, and even if they don't have baby pictures of your kid they'll find other things to tease each other about. You say "Anyone born after today will always be tracked like this." So what is it you're trying to protect against?
comment What age do you stop reading bedtime stories?
My kids are 12 and (almost) 10, and I still read to them almost every night. They still love it and are disappointed when it can't happen for whatever reason. We've been through the Harry Potter series, Narnia, Artemis Fowl, Anne of Green Gables, and lots of others.
comment When do kids usually stop believing in Santa Claus?
This is a silly argument. My older son has figured out the truth about Santa, and doesn't trust me or my wife any less for "lying" to him all these years. All of us had a lot of fun with it over the years, and he understands that we kept it going because he and his little brother enjoyed Christmas even more because of it.
comment To medicate or not to medicate?
They take it pretty much every day. There is no build-up with Concerta - if they skip a day (or even a few days) and take it the next, there is no loss of effectiveness.
comment How do I stop yawning so much when I'm reading bedtime stories to my kids?
+1 This happens to me all the time. My kids are 12 and 9 and they just know that daddy yawns a lot while reading. It's become part of the ritual.