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comment Email and social media for pre-teens
The main question is what should I allow her access to and how can I help make her understand how to use the allowed services safely. I "answer" all my questions but I have left this one open longer than usual on purpose and so far really like some of the questions but for those that are concerned about it not being finished i plan to select an answer this week.
comment Email and social media for pre-teens
I agree with this and will be getting her setup with an email account after her punishment, and some education on how to use it responsibly and how to not fall for spam and the like. She's old enough for this. Not facebook though there own policy is 13 and i think there are good reasons to wait maybe even longer than that but that might not be practical.
comment Is it normal for a toddler belly to last into the pre-school years?
@Beofett: Your 100% correct I have updated my answer.
comment How can I teach my son to ride a bike?
Thought i should add if they have hand brakes disconnect the front break, at least for now.