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Use of language in general, and about learning foreign languages. See also the tags [language-development] and [bilingual].
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Questions related to infant, toddler, young children, pre-teen, and teen toys.
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Situations around the altar of the modern home.
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Age specific questions from about 17 years and up. Younger: teen.
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Questions about feeding infants and young toddlers formula or stored breast milk from a bottle.
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Social interactions, subject matter addressed, safety at daycare centers, choosing a daycare center, staff behavior, and other issues related to daycare centers.
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Learning or speaking more than one (native) language. See also the tags [language] and [language-development].
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Issues of personal cleanliness such as showering/bathing, brushing teeth, finger/toe-nail maintenance, shaving, etc.
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Questions relating specifically to reading, including learning how to read, problems with reading, and establishing behavior related to reading. Please note that recommendations for specific reading …
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emotional outbursts beyond simple crying, found commonly in stressed persons but mostly small children. In parenting, tantrums may relate mostly to toddlers but also apply to other age gr…
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Psychological studies based on infant, toddler, and adolescent behavior or parenting techniques and disciplinary action. Appropriate questions should relate to a study or finding in a psychological st…
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Age specific questions from about 8 years to about 11 years. Younger: primary-schooler. Older: pre-teen.
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Family finance, and how children learn to handle money.
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A household where one or both parents earn money through a professional job, either working out of the house or home. Questions should be about balancing work life and home life.
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How to transport small children in vehicles. Car-seats are most often required by law when transporting children under a certain body size or weight.
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The time we spend having fun.
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specific to twins or multiplets.
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Questions regarding a child's use of video games may cover determining suitability, setting and enforcing limits, or other questions relating to what role video games play in a child's life.
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Questions regarding providing proper nutrition, including strategies to get a child to eat healthy foods
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a composite nutritional supplement in the form of milk powder for infants and toddlers.
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