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White noise machines are great, but in my experience the ROUTINE is what will make the difference. You say he goes to bed at different times every night; that makes a routine very hard for him to get into, and if he cannot reliably predict what will happen (bath at 7, book at 7:30, lights out at 8) it makes it more difficult for him to settle down. Can all ...


We found a cradle swing extremely useful with both of ours, when they were overtired and really needed to sleep but couldn't get off to sleep. White noise + swinging motion + dim moving lights + mobile + mum or dad nearby = baby hypnotism machine.


Try using a white noise machine They work wonders. We use the one with our girls and they love it. I know they cost a lot but we've had ours for years now.


If you don't want kids, get a vasectomy! Don't leave the birth control to someone else especially if they want a big family.

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