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I have got a few good strategies. Try encouraging him to go to music school. You could try being his friend for a while to get him on your side and then while he is on your side you can punish him for misbehalving and he will respect the punishment. If all else fails try corporal punishment. When is corporal punishment abuse, really?


This is a difficult situation and a lot of what you do depends on what you're willing to put up with. I'm going to assume the yelling and fighting is really negatively affecting your life in an unacceptable manner. It would mine. My personal belief is that you should never give your child anything because they frighten you into it or will make you miserable ...


It's all about control. He yells because it works, or at least because there are no consequences. It's your house. He's a guest, albeit an important one. You make the rules. He follows them or leaves. You may not be able to physically control him but that's not the kind of control you want anyway. So here's my advice... If he yells, tell him in a ...


Maybe you should encourage him to go to music school. I didn't exactly fail classes, but I did just enough to pass and didn't care for schooling at all. Maybe your son, like me, is just bored of it and didn't see how the standard educational system would benefit his goals. In the end, my skipping class almost every day to pursue my interests landed me a job ...

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