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I suggest that you explore some fun things she can do inside or near the car. I tried and it worked for me. What I did, I made her familiar with my car (SUV). I let her participate in car wash(just for fun, not actual car wash) I play jingles, cartoon character voices, poems, TV ads in car stereo. I always stop car, after 1 or 2 hours ride, to get some ...


Drivers matter; so do the numbers of twists and turns. If she always seems to get sick at around the same time (15 minutes from your parents' house), it might be that it's a particularly winding route that's affecting her. You have a few options. I agree that giving her crackers (high starch, low fat) and a little non-fat liquid (i.e. no milk) before the ...


Probably there is no easy solution, but as a person who gets car sick pretty often I would suggest the following: Try different car if possible. Car (and driver) do make a difference. Try driving her often starting from short distances and slowly increasing the distance so she gets used to being in the car Try feeding her bread (or bagel, if available) - ...


I did a bit of searching on this one and it's particularly challenging because of the "under 2yo". The most common advice I found was to stop and let her out for awhile. (The MayoClinic seemed to have the most well-rounded advice.) The other common advice that related to your particular situation was letting in some air, but I'm guessing you've tried that ...


I actually feel there are a couple of more options you could consider, along with the ones presented, as well as some pros/cons: Travel with husband and baby Pros: Allows you to do what usually do, just with the baby. Lets you stay close to the baby without missing conferences (You will probably be emotionally attached) Cons: Safety Since you on a ...


You need to declare the child so that it is i: covered by insurance in the case of catastrophe ii: known about by fire responders in the case of fire emergency


I work at a hotel and we have the option of charging for things like rollaways and pack and plays. I feel that it is EXTREMELY unethical and very discriminatory to charge extra for having an infant. I suggest not staying at hotels of that caliber.

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