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It seems you obviously have to teach your kid not to do that. Buying a similar toy won't help, because your child will understand that he will get what he want if he take the toy. First, you must teach your kid to share his own toys, so he can understand that in the same way you can ask someone else's toy, you must be able to do the same. I think this "...


While some common sense care and supervision is always a good thing, Lego doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous. I coulnd't find any reliable information of a confirmed fatality with choking on Lego. There was a babysitter that claimed a child's severe injury to be Lego related but that seems more like defense (


A friend of ours solved this by having a play pen, and putting the bigger kid in it. Of course he could climb out at any time, but in the pen his little brother couldn't get at his toys.


While I accept and agree with all the answers and comments here, that you can't make a straight line and set one rule for all kids all over the world, I wanted to add a photo recently found on the back of one of puzzle sets, by daughter got: It's just a mere suggestion (that must be always adjusted to each and every kid) and I don't know if there is any ...

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