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Certain foods directly influence the production of urine if they are diuretic. Diuretic substances are those that increase the production of urine. I would advise to have your child avoid diuretic foods at dinner time. If you search for "diuretic foods" you'll get many pages, most with similar results(such as Bembu and Livestrong). Diuretics are ...


I don't know about sweet vs. salty, but most food has at least some water content, and some food has a very high water content (think cucumbers). It's entirely normal to need to urinate some time after eating, even when you don't drink.


About one in forty children aged 7 will wet the bed at night. This website gives some information about bedwetting, including information about treatments. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Bedwetting/Pages/Introduction.aspx sweet food could stimulate production of urine while salty food could decrease it. Do not give your seven year old child salty ...

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