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I don't support thumb sucking at all even as an infant bc it is a very difficult habit to break. It causes mouth odour and I have seen a 34 years old still thumb sucking.....obviously unable to break the habit. I will rather prevent my infant from sucking than struggle to make him break the habit after addiction.


If you put a mitten and then a sock in the hand it will help because she or he might take the mitten off.


I sucked my thumb until I was 18 and I didn't have a problem with it, unlike the people around me. When my parents went about "correcting" it, I couldn't sleep, as I didn't feel safe, and then I would just feel bad that they had a problem with it. Mom eventually accepted it when I was a little older as a source of comfort and then eventually I was able to ...


I don't agree in thumb sucking. I suck finger untill I was 12 years old and believe me, it was very difficult and challenging to stop. After seeing my cousins stopped it encouraged me to stop. I also have two other cousins Presently sucking thumb, one is 14 and the other 19. There teeth alignment is pretty bad. So I won't encourage sucking thumb because of ...

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