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--- Disclaimer: Some might feel this answer to be hard to digest. --- Have you ever thought about what is happening in your kid's brains while they are watching TV? I mean, from a neuroscientistic perspective? Basically a fireworks of impressions without any chance to influence what is happening. A child in front of TV will absorb a flood of pictures, ...


The medical community discourages passive screen time before two. And of course she's engaged for a couple hours. Flashing screens with beautiful colors and music are fascinating.


I have a two year old son who we allow to watch videos on YouTube for a limited duration. I flipped round the experience by getting him to help me create nursery rhymes by singing along and watching me animate the characters! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3vxDytRos9k I strongly agree that YouTube viewing must be supervised, as Ida and Supernumary said you ...

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