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Infants discover the world largely by their mouth. They put virtually everything in mouth, and whatever they can't fit there, they suck or lick. Fists are convenient. They are always close, they are large enough to fill the entire mouth, they are warm... And it's funny that when she puts them in her mouth, she feels something else, a tickling of sorts, on a ...


You're in a very difficult situation. My suggestion is to move his bedtime up to 5:30 pm so that he gets adequate sleep before getting up with his mom. Of course that leaves you in a tough predicament. Ideally, your sleep schedule changes as well, or you may be forced to break up your sleep pattern.


It's hard to say that's it's only teething pain, as that's an evaluation your physician would have to make. However, it is definitely possible that this is just the reaction to teething pain. An 18-month-old doesn't have much exposure to pain in general, and when they're cutting teeth the pain can be both intense or enduring. It can interrupt their normal ...

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