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When I was a pre-teen, it was long before iPods, but my mother was concerned about me not having friends and spending way too much time on the computer. Instead of forbidding me from using computer, she enrolled me in a theater class, which I ended up loving, and making lasting friendships in. The lesson I've taken from that as a parent now myself is that ...


Try installing a timer on the filter. Many filters offer options where you can shut down specific features, apps or the web at a certain time. Obviously, the only way to rid her of the addiction is to stop it. It may be a bit harsh to just go cold turkey, but I think limiting her usage is a must. Be strong!


Your son is 19, and about to leave for University. It's time to stop "enforcing" things for the most part, and start letting him figure out things for himself. You're not going to have any meaningful control over him three months from now; when he's off at University you won't be able to make sure he sleeps on a certain schedule or, well, anything, in most ...


I upvoted almost all the answers so I feel bad for accepting my own. But I finally got through to him about 6 months ago. Basically I grounded him from everything, and he still wasn't doing his homework. I found out he had a couple of Cs and told them if they weren't Bs that football was done. What surprised me is that about 2 weeks of ground him into ...

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